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About Vivianne

Vivianne formed VS Miami Properties Group in 2015 to specialize in identifying and presenting emerging opportunity in high-growth commercial and luxury residential property in Miami. Following an alliance with Joseph Hawlik in 2016, the partnership has taken advantage of their respective networks to assemble a team of well-connected domestic and international professionals and consultants to identify investment opportunities and match them up with developers and investors globally.

The team has forged a collaboration with one of the leading destination-based entertainment companies in the world, providing consulting and business development services for both national and international Wellness, Sports, and Entertainment-themed projects. The team is currently involved with projects in Italy, Colombia, Ukraine, Brazil, and South Florida.

Vivianne is very comfortable in the international setting and is cognizant of Miami's advantageous role as a gateway for foreign investors into the USA. Currently president-elect of the FIABCI-USA Miami Council, a world-wide real estate business networking organization, Vivianne regularly features prominent global FIABCI members in the FIABCI-Miami Gateway Speaker Series that she launched in 2018. Under her leadership, the Miami Council became the leading single recruiter of new members worldwide, with over one-third of all new USA members joining through the Miami Council.

Vivianne is an active director on the FIABCI-USA Board of Directors, and also serves as Co-Chair of the FIABCI-USA Membership Committee. She is also the  President of the FIABCI World Marketing & Networking Committee which makes recommendations and advises the FIABCI World President and Board of Directors concerning FIABCI global marketing strategy. Her successful integration and understanding of the essential role of marketing, branding, and social media in her global practice has provided a successful model for other councils and plays a significant role in the formation of FIABCI global strategy.

A frequent traveler for business development, Vivianne has lived in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Mexico, and has owned companies that conducted business with several countries in Asia. Vivianne is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, German, and French, and is currently learning Portuguese. Her international experience and leadership role in FIABCI have facilitated effective relationships with global investors of real estate and business development.

Vivianne has made Coconut Grove her home in Miami for over twenty-four years and has been actively involved in many community organizations over this time, mostly having to do with promoting music and the arts, particularly to children. She is a Director on the Chopin Foundation of the United States Board of Directors and the Director of Rising Stars Miami, a non-profit community outreach organization founded by her two children, Maximilian and Esmeralda.
Vivianne Swietelsky
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